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Global Availability 14 diverse DNS servers around the world
USA, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, France, Netherlands, Singapore, Australia

Designed to help you from minute one
You shouldn't have to be, or rely on an expert to manage dns for your domain names.

Point DNS is designed to give you power and control

PointDNS is a fully self-managed DNS solution trusted by thousands of users around the world to power web applications, websites, internal services and many other critical applications.
PointDNS is used to manage over 350,000 domains around the world, from start-ups and developers to enterprise businesses and I.T. service companies.

Zero CAPEX DNS in the Cloud

PointDNS is delivered as a service, which means there is no need to buy hardware, or install software. PointDNS addresses all of your current and future DNS needs including handling DNSSEC, IPv6, our easy-to-use dashboard, advanced logging and reporting. And all of this is provided at the lowest cost of ownership possible.

Globally Diverse DNS Presence

We deliver our DNS services across 14 different diverse Tier IV datacenters across the world, which makes sure you always have high site availability and low latency resulting in a great user experience for your users and your business.

PointDNS helps make you a power user.

Make changes fast and be able to do them without having to read a manual. That's how every software service should be. And that's exactly how PointDNS works. We take the pain out of DNS management and make it supremely simple and easy to do with a great, easy-to-use, novice-ready platform that can make any DNS management newcomer feel like an expert quickly.

Share access to your records

With outsourcing development or I.T. management, we make it easy to share access to your DNS records to help you remain in control of your domain.

Unlimited Records

In today's SaaS landscape, you'll find yourself using more DNS records than ever before with your domain. We don't limit your records for your domains to make sure PointDNS can always grow with your needs.

Domain Group Management

Mass updating of DNS records is painful so we've taken the pain out of updating your domain groups with mass management.

Integration made easy. You're welcome.

There is nothing worse than integrations that are made so difficult you've to read a mass of instructions. They're time-wasting, unhelpful and down right frustrating. We don't like any of these things, so we've made our integration process single-click ready.

some of our one-click integrations; Google Apps, Bitly, Heroku, CloudApp, Tumblr, LaunchRock, and OpenShift

PointDNS Customer Success Stories

PointDNS has provided excellent customer service to ConnectFood. On a couple of tricky configurations we were attempting, they even brought their development team onboard to help out! Excellent user interface and excellent service. Great job!

- Chris Metz, Connect Food

We at iClan Websites use PointDNS for our entire hosting infrastructure. PointDNS have provided us with a rock-solid service at an affordable cost that scales well for our web hosting business for several years now. Their API is a breeze and allows us to implement geo-redundancy with DNS failover, keeping our customer websites online in the event of server failure or entire data centre outages. This service removes the headache of running our own DNS. It's worth the money.

- James Andrews, iClan Websites

PointDNS has helped me to free-up time and focus on maintaining my skill-set, helping me to increase my revenue.

- Peter Gal, Perme8

PointDNS is great reliable and simple to use service. Just set-up in a minutes and forget

- Dimitri Zagorovsky, Stiltsoft

Since moving from dedicated to cloud based services, we needed to find a new DNS provider. point dns was perfect! Everything we need in one place and allows for easy and full control of DNS for our sites and services.

- Paul Maye, GroupMail.io

There are many things I like about point dns. The interface is clean and easy to use. The stats graph is interesting & the one-click adding of Google records is very useful.i

- Stephen Elford, Traffic Websites

Are you ready to take control with PointDNS?