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Host your DNS offsite securely like your apps with PointDNS

Apps are going off-campus. Take DNS off-campus too.

As education providers face the challenges of adopting more technology to enhance and create learning experiences for students, the traditional on-site hosted infrastructure is giving way to 3rd party hosted services to meet these demands.

PointDNS has worked with educational organizations and service providers around the globe as they seek to maximise uptime and availability for online student services. PointDNS helps campus I.T. teams manage one of the most important infrastructural components of the backbone to delivering these services to their campus'.

Education trusts PointDNS:

george mason university
zeppelin universitat
lancaster university
lincoln university

and more use PointDNS to manage campus DNS.

G Suite for Education

PointDNS integrates with the newly renamed Google Apps for Education, 'G Suite for Education' using our one-click integration to make sure your DNS control is as seamless as your campus' productivity suite.

point dns one-click G Suite integration

Updating your DNS records for Google's productivity platform been so insanely easy to implement. All you do is click the 'Add' button and every record you will need for your G Suite domain is populated for you.

Google G-Suite

the value of pointdns for education

Domain control for your campus.

We’ve been extremely privileged to work with several Universities and colleges in the United States, the United Kingdom and around the world. We understand your needs with a service that is out-of-the-box ready for you to deploy for use on your campus in an easy-to-use, straight-forward, cost effective, low-touch manner.

Whether it's G Suite, Microsoft Office, DropBox, myDay, Moodle, Citrix WorkSpace, ShareFile, XenDesktop or XenMobile, we've worked with education I.T. teams to get PointDNS implemented into their campus I.T. management stack to give those teams their time back to focus on service improvement while service availability does its thing.

Help support your campus mobility strategy with PointDNS' ability to integrate with your infrastructure and software services.

Always-available DNS
By switching your old internal DNS infrastructure to PointDNS, you not only free up space in your comms room, you remove CAPEX, power costs and equipment servicing costs allowing your teams to focus on the key services they need to provide and manage.

PointDNS is a campus confidence champion for you
Having PointDNS in your infrastructure stack allows your service teams to showcase prospective students that your app services infrastructure is trustworthy. Demonstrating how you manage their trust (which is the single most important factor for education services) you openly promote strategic value of your services to any prospective student or employee.

Are you ready to take control with PointDNS?