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Redundant globally available DNS for global brands

Your brand is global. So should your DNS be

PointDNS makes sure your site is always online. Powered by a global highly redundant network of 14 nodes on 6 continents, we’ve an extensive global infrastructure with 100% uptime for over five years.

As websites and apps have become critical to enterprise it’s essential to choose a DNS provider who has not just expertise in performance management and global DNS delivery, but expertise in working with global brands who are committed to uptime and availability.

At PointDNS, our team has spent the last decade working closely with global brands on shoring up their infrastructure to take full advantage of online services to grow their businesses and control costs while retaining control over their online brand identities.

Global brands who trust PointDNS:
the app business
codus technologia
rogue energy

and more use PointDNS to manage their global brand

G Suite Ready.

PointDNS integrates with the newly renamed Google Apps, 'G Suite' using our one-click integration to make sure your DNS control is as seamless as your productivity suite.

point dns one-click G Suite integration

Updating your DNS records for Google's productivity platform been so insanely easy to implement. All you do is click the 'Add' button and every record you will need for your G Suite domain is populated for you.

Google G-Suite

the value of PointDNS enterprise

Enterprise Ready. Enterprise Built.s

When a customer can predict your behavior, that customer is more likely to trust you. Trust is the single most important part of the relationship you can build with your customers.

When your brand's app and or services are always available, always up your brand's trust rises and so too can your revenue. Our enterprise service saves you on CAPEX costs for deploying DNS servers to your global market.

With DNS servers placed globally along with the ability to create your own custom DNS servers on 6 continents, you can spend time and money on increasing revenue, increasing traffic to your site/app/service, lower your website abandonment and bounce rates, and produce better conversion. With PointDNS Enterprise, we maintain equally high performance standards around the globe, helping you ensure best-in-class service in all of your markets.

PointDNS helps make your brand 'dependable'

By keeping your customers access to your service available with confidence and flawless network performance, public social media unrest from your customers which can be a source of embarrassment and trust in your brand can be minimised, allowing your team to focus on improving customer experience, and enhancing your customer's brand loyalty and trust.

We do the DNS infrastructure, you focus on your core business

Unless your core business is DNS services, why invest your valuable time, money and resources in self-managed, self-deployed, CAPEX funded DNS infrastructure? PointDNS is run by industry established service personnel with a pedigree in network services provision and management who understand business DNS requirements.

Time is money. We save you time and money.

One of the greatest challenges in DNS deployment is connecting it with systems and applications. PointDNS provides a quick and easy means to ramp up and readily integrate into your infrastructure. As an outsourced and easy-to-manage solution, we offer the simplest deployment model with instant global provisioning and powerful RestAPI access for total integration with your business infrastructure environment.

Are you ready to take control with PointDNS?