Alerting integrations

Integrations are crucial part of company tools which allows message centralization and reduce time from event occurrence to required reaction

In PointDNS it means than alerts will not only be sent via email, but also to other popular services

Coming soon:

  • Slack

  • HipChat

  • Zapier

  • Assembla

  • JIRA

UI improvements

We use PointDNS ourselves on a daily basis. We are aware of it glory and what's most important of all it's less shiny parts. That's why we will be improving the users experience. Especially on mobile devices

Coming soon:

  • Mobile friendly dashboard

  • Domain group filtering

  • Bulk editing

  • Ability to customize certain aspects of dashboard (like default number of initially loaded zones)

Monitoring integrations

When experiencing downtime due to partial infrastructure failure every second count when it comes to bringing everything back to order. That's why we would like to bring integrations with monitoring services that would allow automatic actions (like for example DNS record change) upon receiving webhook alert from monitoring service

Coming soon:

  • New Relic

  • Pingdom

  • PagerDuty

  • VictorOps

  • StillAlive

  • JIRA

Zones/records improvements

Zones and records while being simple on pure DNS level, can have much more interesting additional logic in PointDNS control panel. Logic and features that would allow much more creative and efficient usage of DNS service

Coming soon:

  • Fallback records

  • Private zones and records

  • Zone backups


DevOps goodies

DNS is crucial part of network infrastructure and this is why we don't forget about people who manage it

Coming soon:

  • Chef recipe

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